Covid19 definitely changed a lot of people's lives... but for me,
my life changed about 3 months before everyone was sporting a mask and WFH.
It was a cardiac arrest that changed my life in November of 2019.
One that would leave me dead for over an hour without any oxygen getting to my brain.  It happened while I was at work at Davis Elen. (Similar to Damar Hamlin for all you football fans out there. Go Browns.) Except I didn't have medical professionals standing by to help me, I was left with my coworkers... whom thankfully, by some miracle, had just had CPR training in the previous months. I could never thank them enough for their courage and resilience by continually performing CPR on me until the paramedics got there, if it wasn't for you all, I wouldn't be here writing this today. From what I've been told, the paramedics were ready to stop trying to revive me and called out, "okay, one last time"... and for some reason, at that moment, about an hour after, my heart began to work again. 
 When I woke up the only deficit I had was a bit of a personality shift (much more quiet than previous) and some balance issues. Unfortunately, the balance thing has gotten much worse in the recent years due to calcification in my Basel Ganglia, and has left me with some, of what my neurologists are calling, parkinsonism. Meaning my balance and ability to initiate gait (walking) is bad and causes me to fall down often.  Not ideal I know... But if I can pull some silver lining, some glimmer of hope from all this, it's my appreciation for the good days. The ones where I feel stable, with my feet planted firmly under me. I know this doesn't say much about me professionally, or about all the awards I've won from advertising, but I've already won the biggest award of them all... A second chance at life.

If you'd like to learn more about me, my work, 
 or to find out what happens to you after you die, please reach out.
I'm currently writing for Edelman, 
and using their health insurance to the fullest. 

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