It's time to wake up to the truth!! We need to #CANCELPIZZA πŸš«πŸ• link in bio to sign the petition ✍

Taking the #CANCELPIZZA movement to the streets! 🚫 πŸ•

Tag your fave pizza accts! They NEED to know about the #CANCELPIZZA movement πŸš«πŸ•and my anti-pizza party πŸŽ‰

There's no escaping MSG in your pizza. I'll explain why we need to #CANCELPIZZA πŸš«πŸ• 

HAVE YOU SIGNED THE PETITION YET? ✍️ There's zero wait time! Link in bio! Let's #CANCELPIZZA πŸš«πŸ•β€‹

There's no topping this movement. GET IT?? #CANCELPIZZA πŸš«πŸ•

Thin crust. Deep Dish. Regular. It doesn't matter how you order; MSG's in your pizza. So, let's #CANCELPIZZA! πŸš«πŸ•

And my red flag is knocking it out of your hand before you even get to take a bite. #CANCELPIZZA πŸ•

Am I doing this meme right? Cool. Because there's MSG in A LOT of pizza ingredients! So do you think you could sign my #CANCELPIZZA petition now? 
πŸš«πŸ•Link in bio. 

Confession time: I launched #CANCELPIZZA with @Know_MSG. Link in bio to learn why. πŸš«πŸ•

The campaign was featured in the Drum's Ad Of the Day, as well as in other various news outlets.Β 
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